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Why if I was a gentleman I would book London Elite Escort who does not show her face

It seems all too common now for London models and escorts to be offering their "services" all over the internet and their social medias with their faces showing (and everything else) without a care in the world. No disrespect to anyone who chooses to be on only fans loudly and proudly or on escorting sites or with agencies who send their faces to clients all over the world. I am all for female empowerment but is this really what it is?

I read somewhere recently that men are turning to porn for gratification and women are turning to "likes" such as that of being an "influencer" and getting the most attention possible showing as many parts of you as possible and relying on gratification purely on the way they look. I don't see anything wrong with appreciating women's beauty but when both men and women cannot look any further than then exterior and women are becoming so distorted in the view of themselves as they only see value in their exterior and not even in the way they see themselves but through someone else's or a perceived majority's eyes there lies a problem. It's sad to see women having life threatening procedures regularly to change the way they look, especially when these go too far and they lose touch completely.

My choice not to show my face is out of respect for myself and out of respect for my clients. I do not see anything wrong with what I am doing but at the same time I think discretion and privacy is so sexy and so underrated in our world today. Not showing my face actually makes me so rare. Even if I was 100% out there loud and proud about my profession like so many girls dangling around Mayfair hotels and bars are I would still not show my face out of respect for my clients. I would not want a CEO client turning up to a meeting and having to know that he was seen last night in a Mayfair restaurant with one of London's top escorts that is on every agency site in London and the top 1% of Only fans :)

All of my clients are extremely respectful, extremely successful and really appreciate my time and I really appreciate theirs. I am not the type of elite escort who would ever contact you after our date (unless you specifically asked me to). My clients usually comment that they chose me because my donation is on the higher end and because I do not show my face and I mention that discretion is everything to me. I do not just say this, I show it with my actions and by choosing carefully which clients I would choose to spend my time with.

For the occasional client who may be worried about who will turn up not having seen my face I do offer a one minute video call after a £250 deposit.

If you think that because you have seen an escort's photo with her face that you are more likely to receive the same escort you thought you are getting I believe this is not true. Usually the baiting and switching is done by agencies and not Independent escorts from what I have heard. There are one to two very good agencies out there. Other escort agencies who have contacted me I have always refused to work for them due to the fact they do not respect my wishes of privacy and I don't want clients having photographs of my face.

I hope this gives a little insight into why I and a very select elite few ladies decide not to show their face and why we are lucky enough to attract only the most desirable clients ;)

Look forward to speaking with you soon

Kimberley xxx

Elite London Escort

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