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What does a London Elite Companion do when the sun is shining?

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

If you're a Brit maybe you have noticed that summer is finally on the way... hooray! If you're visiting from abroad I hope the weather will be wonderful during your stay.

As an Elite Companion in London I very much enjoy summer dates, lunch dates are my favourite but dinner on a roof terrace in the sun is perfect too when the sun is setting so late now, we are truly blessed in summer.

When I am not travelling to my favourite destinations in the South of France and Italy during the summer these are some of my favourite London summer restaurants .. I would love to accompany you for dinner and maybe dessert

- Scotts! There is no other restaurant like Scott's in London and it's my favourite, let' share a seafood platter and discuss our summer plans

- The River Cafe is iconic Italian on the river in West London. It's a real treat and a beautiful escape from the hustle and bustle of London .. If you have a few hours to spare let's go there and enjoy the scenery

- The Ledbury: This two-Michelin-starred gem in Notting Hill boasts an elegant outdoor terrace where you can savor the culinary creations of Chef Brett Graham. The restaurant's focus on seasonal ingredients and impeccable service will surely impress your taste buds and me of course ;)

Remember, darling, the key to a flirty evening is to savor each bite, engage in playful banter, and let the ambiance work its magic. And, of course, be sure to make a reservation well in advance to secure your spot at the restaurant and a spot in my busy schedule ;)

So, prepare for a night of gastronomic seduction and let the stars above bear witness to the sparks that fly over a Michelin-starred outdoor dinner in London. Enjoy, my dear, and let lust

and fine dining intertwine in the most delicious way!

Kimberley xxx

Elite London Escort

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